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Pickeyweedz Room Booking Policy


Room Booking Policy



Employees of Pickeyweedz are by definition on our payroll and are a W2-listed team members.

o   Making a false claim that you are a Pickeyweedz team member when you are not will result in prompt legal action against you.

o   Pickeyweedz team members may also book a room outside of their scheduled working hours but are held to the same standards as listed in this policy document.

o   Pickeyweedz owners reserve the right to use either room during any non-booked time at their discretion.


o   If you abuse the process by conducting repeated booking / canceling more than three times in a quarter, you will no longer be able to book a room at Pickeyweedz.  Exceptions will be granted for valid weather disruptions.

o   If the Pickeyweedz team receives grave concerns or complaints about the activity taking place in your booked room, you will no longer be able to book rooms at Pickeyweedz.

o   All bookings must be done in the Spirit of Pickeyweedz core values which include:

o   Any person and/or group booking rooms found to be outright defrauding the public will be permanently banned from booking any room at Pickeyweedz.

o   Though divination is considered ‘For Entertainment Purposes Only’ by law, it remains a consistent practice of numerous faiths & paths and is considered part of our religious practice.  We expect all patrons booking rooms for any purpose to be doing so in keeping with best practices and in good faith to provide for the best possible experience for the customer.  



The following activities constitute acceptable practice in a booked room:

o   Tarot Reading

o   Oracle Reading

o   Scrying

o   Runes / Bones / Coins or other similar divination techniques

o   Past Life Regression Work

o   Energy Healing / Reiki

o   Shamanistic Healing

o   Consultations / Therapy (Licensed Practitioners Only)


The following activities constitute UNACCEPTABLE practice in a booked room:


Bring what you need to conduct your sessions for the day and take them home with you upon completion.

o   Pickeyweedz nor our landlord will not be held responsible for any damage, theft, or other loss to your personal property.

o   If your equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen Pickeyweedz assumes no liability or responsibility.

o   If you leave your equipment or property in disregard of these rules you will no longer be able to book rooms at Pickeyweedz.


o   Pickeyweedz nor our Landlord assumes no liability or responsibility for any injury to you or to your client during a booked room session.


o   Pickeyweedz nor our Landlord assumes no liability or responsibility for any result from your booked session and are held harmless to any result of work conducted in your booked room regardless of the activity.





SIGNED (Patron / Room Booker): __________________________________ Date: __  / __ / ___ 

Phone Number: ____________________


MANAGEMENT SIGNATURE: _____________________________________ Date: __ / __ / ___