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Activity / Gathering Policy



Pickeyweedz is continuously striving to unite our community as well as to offer continuing education, practical classroom instruction, presentations, book signings as well as general meet & greet events.  

We have reserved floorspace in our store that is bookable for events & activities that complement both our business, as well as those offering our community the opportunity to learn from each other.  All activities must bring value to the Pagan / Heathen and/or the LGBTQ+ community.  In-between activities we also offer space including tables and chairs to the gaming community for RPG/CCG activities. 

The gathering space is not intended for personal Divination, Reiki, or other practices – please refer to our two bookable rooms for this purpose.  The training in the application of these arts is permitted and encouraged. 

All events must be reserved in advance with the Pickeyweedz team and are subject to scheduled availability at the store as well as final approval by the Pickeyweedz team prior to booking.  The Pickeyweedz team will (time permitting) assist each event in the manner of increasing attendance by posting the dates and times as well as subject/presenter across our social media platforms. 

Scheduling availability is on a first-come / first-served basis. The first approved presenter to reserve the space is the party that gets the space and time slot.  

Your deposit must be paid in full at the time of reservation based upon availability. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you cancel your class or activity, you forfeit the entirety of your deposit. The event space deposit is $25 payable by cash or card. 

Events are a limited attendance of 10 attendees at a time due to space constraints. Only one event may take place at a time.  The Pickeyweedz team has chairs, tables available for use or you may bring your own so long as they do not damage any Pickeyweedz property including our building, products or fixtures and you remove them upon the conclusion of your event. 

In addition to the $25 booking fee, Pickeyweedz charges 25% of the total earnings of the event which is due upon your event completion.  i.e., if the presenter is charging $25 per person and the maximum attendance of 10 is present, you would owe Pickeyweedz $62.50, and the rest belongs to the presenter.  

The Pickeyweedz team reserves final authority on the acceptability and scheduling of all events. 



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Ground Rules: 

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Prohibited Events / Activities: 

Advisory on Noise 


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