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About us

So what's a Pickeyweedz? Great question! That name came from our coven in MI. One of our member's father jokingly called us all that as we are 'always in that woods being Pickeyweedz!" Meaning - most all of our ritual work was conducted in an old grove located just outside of Mason, MI. This grove will always hold significance to us and in honor of that and those like us - we decided there could be no better name representative of our store.

We've both been practicing members of the Pagan community for over two decades. As such we have haunted many a Pagan and New Age shop through living in MI, NC and now PA. We've always been addicted to the scents of incense, candles and old books and having a store of our own has been a long-held dream of us both.

We're striving to offer all of that plus something we haven't seen enough of lately - inclusion. What we mean by inclusion is really.. everyone. Regardless of your spiritual path or religious dogma we are all so much more similar than different in our practices. Building on that thought, our store will carry more than just Pagan spirituality but also items of interest ranging from Eastern beliefs to the Abrahamic religions.

Granted, our primary focus is to cater to those of the Pagan persuasion but to discount everyone else would be a disservice to those other communities and after all - we all need to be more inclusive nowadays. It's our firm opinion that even if you don't share or even accept another's belief system doesn't mean we can't all be accepting of another's right to practice how they say fit and get along. So yes - you will be able to find a Menorah, a Prayer Rug, AND a Pentagram necklace in one store.

The ONE rule in our store for everyone - is just simply... Be Nice. That's it... not too difficult really and one that we believe will equally serve everyone.

So what else sets us apart? Well... we offer the following for example (but not limited to):

Books, Candles, Incense, Jewelry - you know the usual fare.
Gems / Crystals & Geodes - We have a direct supplier from Colorado... the quality is amazing from these folks
Hand-forged ritual tools - these things take a couple of months each to forge and ship to us... each one is unique and so far they all hum
Bulk Herbs - available by weight
Local Artisan Wares (Consignment or Otherwise)
Our end goal with Pickeyweedz is to not just have a store but a center for the community. A safe place to gather, be yourself, and just soak up the good vibes. We will never be too busy to talk to you and if ever we don't know the answer to a question - we will definitely help you find it.




Love is the Law.

John & Tay

Pickeyweedz, LLC - Email Us! [email protected] / 919-478-7491

105 Layton Road Clarks Summit, PA 18411