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Email - [email protected]

Telephone - 919-478-7491

Business hours are 12pm-8pm Wednesday through Sunday, Closed Monday & Tuesday

1 Frequent questions we hear owning a metaphysical store...
1.1 Where did the name Pickeyweedz come from?

Our coven founder's father used this term often when we came back to the house from ritual.  "Oh you kids were out there playin' in the pickeyweedz again huh?"  Pickeyweedz meaning the little 'stickers' from branches and shrubs that stick to your clothing while walking through the woods...

Bruce was a father to us all and we miss him every day.  We named the store in part as preserving a memory of him and those great times we had early in our journey.

1.2 Are you a Witch?

Yup.  We have been active practitioners for many years both in-Coven as well as solitary. 

1.3 I have this ghost in my house - can you come over and help get rid of it?

We've been there.  Things that go bump in the night can be unnerving but are in most cases harmless.  Many homes especially those that have some age on their bones can house 'friends'.  Whether it's a bunch of knocking or a full-on mist in the house - things can get weird.

We are happy to provide some advice and if needed the tools to help either banish or make things... quieter.  We however, do not have the time as full time business owners to do house calls for hauntings.

For more direct assistance we would direct anyone local to our Clarks Summit store to first contact The Pennsylvania Paranormal Society as they specialize in this sort of thing. You can find them via a quick Google or Facebook search. They are a reputable group led by a retired PA state trooper / investigator and are all around fantastic people.

If you are having a definitive dire issue read... beyond a ghost, full-on possession, blood running down the walls - you know.. fun stuff - then please stop by the store.

1.4 How do I choose a crystal?

We are asked this question a LOT, or we hear, so and so told me I needed this crystal for healing my bone spurs...

Truth time, pick up the crystal that you are attracted to, hold it in your non-dominant hand, stand or sit with it for a few minutes to see if you feel it anywhere in your body. If you do, it's the crystal for you. If you don't, it's a rock and just like we do when skipping stones, throw it back!

Buying a crystal you aren't attracted to just because someone said you need it will only serve to frustrate you and impede your practice. Your ability to feel them is a growth process as much as it is a relationship process. You vibrate at a certain frequency in the moment and that frequency changes just like the changing the radio station in your car, you feel frequencies that are akin to your own in this time frame. It's not about who is more magical or more spiritual, it's about what you need and are attuned to in this moment. 

1.5 What color candle should I choose?

Candle magic is different for us all... I know what you're thinking, but it is, we're all different and associate meaning, and associate aromas and colors to the story of our lives in different ways. So candle color choice can become very personal and it should. 

There is a basic road map to follow of course, if that's what you need for now.

Black - Protection and Banishing/Removal/Separation, Stabby Magic

White - Blessing, Invoking, Peace, Chill Out Child

Red - Fire, Passion, Fury, Hot Monkey Love

Green - Money, Prosperity, Green Magic/Earth/Herbal You know, Green Man/Woman Natural Stuff

Pink - Compassion, Love, Softening, Self-Love (take that however you will)

Orange - Vitality, Creativity, Prosperity (Get your butt off the couch)

Yellow - Happiness, Spirit, Air, Solar Energy 

Blue - Water, Healing, Tidal Magic, Soothe Me Baby

Purple - The Color of Royalty and Nobility, Deep Passions, Things Unseen but Deeply Felt.

Brown - Earth, Deep Inner Workings, Gettin' Dirty Baby

1.6 I was told my first tarot deck had to be gifted to me. Is this true?

Absolutely not.  This belief comes from a long time ago when owning a tarot deck could mean one could find themselves in 'trouble' with the church.  To be gifted them... was an out of sorts. Oh no... I didn't buy these... they were - a gift!

Just like any other magikal tool, you select for your practice, your tarot deck should mean something to you.  Whether it is the artwork, the style or shape, or all of the above - the selection of your deck is a highly personal matter.

1.7 This spell / candle / etc. isn't working...

There are no guarantees in life and especially none in magickal working. One of the main pitfalls is to target focus on a result - this will do nothing but cause stress which leads ultimately to a likely failure for any work.  Say the words... light the candle... whatever - and then FORGET ABOUT IT.  

On that subject - if you ask for guidance at the store we are happy to assist if we can.  However - please do not call the store daily about your personal working.  That is the same as the first paragraph stated... target focused = failure.

We love our customers and our community - they are the reason we are here.  However - we are a very small mom & pop business and we simply do not have time to answer the phone for daily updates and questions about your personal spellwork. Yes this occurs frequently when people ask for advice or a spell candle to be made.  This is why many shops actually charge a consulting fee.... which is something we don't ever want to become or do.

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