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Where do I start?

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  • By John
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Where do I start is a question we hear quite often, and who could blame anyone for asking this as the volume of information coming at you can be overwhelming.

The sheer volume of information coming at a person new to the discovery of spirituality and / or Witchcraft is significantly higher than when we began this journey of the crooked path.  Back then, the choices were limited to say the least.

There are a few titles that we do typically recommend for someone based on their personal interest and we thought it might be helpful to have this readily available for anyone that visits this site or our store.

We have broken up these lists into some general categories in the hope that in doing so it might help someone who is just feeling directionless.  Bear in mind - these lists are subjective and you may find other books etc. that suit you better personally.  This is just meant to be a guide for the newcomer.


So here goes in no particular order:


Witchcraft (Non-Wiccan Specific):

  • Besom Stang & Sword
  • The Witches Eight Paths to Power
  • Psychic Witch
  • Utterly Wicked
  • The Flame in the Cauldron
  • The Witches Bible (though this book is more Wicca related - it contains invaluable guidance on the basics)
  • The Golden Bough
  • Psychic Self Defense (Dion Fortune)



  • The Witches Bible
  • The Book of Shadows (Lady Sheba)
  • Literally anything and everything by Scott Cunningham
  • Complete Book of Witchcraft (Buckland)
  • The Witches God (Farrar)


Ceremonial Magick:

  • The Kybalion
  • Literally everything by Eliphas Levi
  • Literally everything by Lon Milo Duquette
  • Literally everything by Aleister Crowley
  • Literally everything by Dion Fortune
  • Literally everything by Israel Regardie
  • Literally everything by Stephen Skinner
  • Literally everything by A.E. Waite
  • The Magician's Workbook
  • The Key of Solomon (Peterson version)
  • Occult Philosophy (Agrippa - All 4 books)
  • The Sefer Yetzirah
  • The Golden Dawn ("The Black Brick" - so named due to the size and weight of the text)
  • Magick in Theory & Practice ("The Blue Brick")
  • The Magus


Tarot Decks:

(These should be a personal matter i.e. your intuition guides you to the deck for you. However - everyone needs to just start somewhere - hence the list of easier to use (in our opinion) and those most referenced in tarot books of guidance)

  • Rider-Waite (Standard)
  • Morgan-Greer
  • Albano-Waite


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