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Here we go again...

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So, here it is again all over the news, Witchcraft being used to frighten and titillate viewers. Preachers, you know who you are Greg… burning books, making threats to dox people who practice Witchcraft.


Let’s just look at this situation rationally. They’re angry because their coffers are draining, attendance is down in their churches and they’re struggling.


Parishioners have woken to the fact that they have control, that Witchcraft is about self-actualization, about wielding ultimate control of your destiny, without need for intermediaries such as priests or pastors. Parishioners have woken to the fact that they can intercede on their own behalf with God/s, spirits, angelic beings and they don’t need to tithe (the Gods I know ain’t short on cash).


Especially interesting was the rise of the DIY population during Covid shutdowns. People awoke to find that they couldn’t depend on Church, or State for all the necessities with which they had become accustomed. Hence many saw what Witches already knew, if you want something to manifest in life, you need to be the one doing the work. So many started making the linkage between the material scarcity and spiritual scarcity and instead of folding up in a blithering mass in a dark corner somewhere, they took all of their angst and woe and turned that energy toward their own manifest destiny’s. In doing so, thousands of our brothers and sisters woke up to the realization that, “We can.” We can control our environment, we can control our perceptions, our reactions and in doing so our outcomes. Will, it is all about will.


If we ultimately have control of our destiny, we don’t need them, this terrifies them because they have no idea what to do without us, what they’ll be without us, how they’ll make a living without our fear of hell and an assurance of an afterlife through their interactions with a God on our behalf.


We adolescents have grown up and realized that ultimately, this life and our participation in it is our choice. So, they’re coming for us, they’re attacking us in the media. I literally saw two stories on the news this morning with negative views of Witchcraft expressed, one actually making the point that spell casters hexed a woman for her husband and now she’s missing, painting witches with fault, rather than her murderous spouse.


Do not let them deter you with intimidation, take heart that what you’re doing is working. It is creating a world with more freedom, more understanding, a healthier world without limitations, one you are creating through force of will. Ignore their flailing and Witch On!




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